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We are becoming conscious of our power to re-make the world

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1 h 30 min
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6 December 2014
The Last Avatar is a mystical adventure film, a story of a young man who leaves Hollywood to find himself. What he finds is beyond his wildest imagination. Based on ancient prophecy, contemporary truth seeking and the future of humanity, The Last Avatar is a film that takes transformational themes and makes them relevant for audiences of all ages. Filled with love, magic, mystery, conspiracy, psychics, underground cities, secret societies, light bodies and much more, The Last Avatar tells the story of the emergence of Kalki Avatar- the final Avatar of our current Age of Chaos. Kalki is also a metaphor for the innate power and potential that lies within humanity to awaken and create a world of truth, harmony and possibility.
Adey, Alexander Polinsky, Dayvin Turchiano, Neale Donald Walsch, Peter Wickliffe

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