The Guilty (2018) Full Movie Download

The crime is bigger than you think

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Gustav Möller
1 h 26 min
Release Date
14 June 2018
Drama, Thriller
Police officer Asger Holm, demoted to desk work as an alarm dispatcher, answers a call from a panicked woman who claims to have been kidnapped. Confined to the police station and with the phone as his only tool, Asger races against time to get help and find her.
Jakob Cedergren, Jessica Dinnage, Omar Shargawi, Johan Olsen, Jacob Ulrik Lohmann, Katinka Evers-Jahnsen, Jeanette Lindbæk, Simon Bennebjerg, Laura Bro, Morten Suurballe, Guuled Abdi Youssef, Caroline Løppke, Peter Christoffersen, Nicolai Wendelbo, Morten Thunbo, Maria Gersby Cissé, Anders Brink Madsen, Tommy Bach, Jan Christensen, Christian Lassen, Michael Rud, Jørgen Niclasen, Helena Malmros, Axel Christensen, Alexander Clement, Camilla Lau

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