The Grudge (2020) Full Movie Download

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Nicolas Pesce
1 h 33 min
Release Date
1 January 2020
Horror, Mystery
After a young mother murders her family in her own house, a detective attempts to investigate the mysterious case, only to discover that the house is cursed by a vengeful ghost. Now targeted by the demonic spirits, the detective must do anything to protect herself and her family from harm.
Andrea Riseborough, Demián Bichir, John Cho, Lin Shaye, Jacki Weaver, Betty Gilpin, William Sadler, Frankie Faison, Nancy Sorel, Tara Westwood, Joel Garland, Stephanie Sy, Bradley Sawatzky, Robin Ruel, Ernesto Griffith, Robert Kostyra, Jim Kirby, Lorrie Papadopoulos, Derek James Trapp, Junko Bailey, David Brown, Zoe Fish, John J. Hansen, Steven Ratzlaff
 Canada,   United States of America

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