Romantic (2021) Full Movie Download

A mythological horror about monsters & magic.

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Michael Heneghan
1 h 35 min
Release Date
14 February 2009
Action, Animation, Adventure, Horror, Fantasy, Romance
Set in a world of autumn landscapes, a young man, the Romantic, falls out of love with his girlfriend. He visits the goddess Love, asking her to restore his feelings. She warns him this is not a good idea, but when he persists she reluctantly agrees. When he returns to his girlfriend he finds her with another man. Feeling betrayed by the gods Love, Hate and Time, he sets out with his companion, Patience, seeking revenge.
Jason Salerno, Christopher Magee, Peter Stambler, Alee Spadoni, Ron Blasdell, Jacqueline Heneghan, Tom Hogan, Roger Taylor, Sarah Vaghari, Alex Albrecht, Nathan V. Terry, Amber Reeves, Veronica Williams
 United States of America

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