Operation Red Sea (2018) [Chinese] Full Movie Download

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Dante Lam
2 h 19 min
Release Date
16 February 2018
Action, Thriller, War, Drama
A squad of the Jiaolong Commando Unit - Sea Dragon, a spec ops team of the Chinese Navy, carries out a hostage rescue operation in the nation of Yewaire, on the Arabian Peninsula, and fiercely fights against local rebel groups and Zaka, a terrorist organization.
Zhang Yi, Johnny Huang, Hai Qing, Du Jiang, Jiang Luxia, Sanaa Alaoui, Yin Fang, Yutian Wang, Guo Jiahao, Henry Prince Mak, Nisrine Adam, Bai Bing, Khalid Benchegra, Jacky Cai, Hassane Guannouni, Mezouari Houssam, Fenfen Huang, Ayoub Layoussifi, Wang Yanlin, Simon Yam, David Yu, Zhang Hanyu
 China,   Hong Kong,   Morocco

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