How Long Will I Love U (2018) [Chinese] Full Movie Download

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Su Lun
1 h 41 min
Release Date
18 May 2018
Comedy, Romance, Drama, Mystery, Fantasy
Gu Xiaojiao, a young girl from 2018 and Lu Ming, a man from 1999, discover that they have both woken up in the same bed at the same space-time. More surprisingly, they realize that they can time travel by exiting the bedroom door. The fun begins when they start to plan a number of changes within these two eras. However, they do not know that their destiny is in the hands of a mysterious person.
Lei Jiayin, Tong Liya, Wang Zhengjia, Fan Ming, Xu Zheng, Li Nian, Li Guangjie, Yang Di, Yu Hewei, Yang Le, Hong Tao, Zhang Yi, Fang Ling, Chen Hao

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